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What are the haps, my peeps?

So right about now, a reasonable question might be “So what ever happened to Boss Rush?” It HAS been about two and a half months since the last official word.  And at the time, the word was “any moment now, for real!” So where is it at? Well, happy news!  While there have been a […]

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Bah! Am all poised to start releasing and sending emails and trying to make this thing go, when BAM, tool problems. In this case, with SecureSWF. Which worked fine about a month ago, but since updating to their most recent version, seems to be hanging when I try to use it on things. And of […]

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And… It’s over. Whew. The game that I have slaved over for several months is now off in the hands of the IGF, and I can finally think about something else. I’m very happy with how it ended up! I didn’t finish everything I wanted – I still have at least 5-10 more ideas that […]

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Outlook: Sunny!

Just a quick update. Things are going nicely, and while I’m a day or two behind where I had hoped to be right now, I’m still very happy with how things are turning out. So happy, in fact, that here is a new screenshot! I’m particularly happy with how this bullet pattern turned out. I […]

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Playtests: Encountering Difficulties

So as a designer, I have a problem.  In a game where a large part of your score is “how long you survived”, I need some assurance that the game-time is finite.  That eventually, no matter how good a fight they put up, the player will lose eventually, and the game will come to an […]

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First Post

First post! I have a web site now! Watch this space!

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