Outlook: Sunny!

Just a quick update. Things are going nicely, and while I’m a day or two behind where I had hoped to be right now, I’m still very happy with how things are turning out.

Shine Get!

Shine Get!

So happy, in fact, that here is a new screenshot! I’m particularly happy with how this bullet pattern turned out. I feel it works nicely, both as a pattern that is interesting to dodge, while still looking like a very iconic picture of the sun. Like most such things, it is even cooler looking in motion, but happily, even the picture is moderately sweet.

I’m hoping to put together a video at some point this or next week, which will mean that you, gentle reader, no longer have to make do with imperfect still images, but alas! That is yet in the future! And we must strive to live in the present!

That’s all for today.

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