Boss Rush

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Isn't it nice for that warning to be about YOU for a change?

Isn't it nice for that warning to be about YOU for a change?

Terrifying attacks that someone else has to dodge.

Terrifying attacks that someone else has to dodge.

Secrets and bonuses to unlock!

Secrets and bonuses to unlock!

A wide selection of Bosses to be!

A widely varied selection of bosses!

Have you ever played a bullet-hell-style shooter and thought to yourself “That boss looks like they’re having a lot more fun than I am…”?

I mean, think about it. You have a tiny little ship, capable of only firing straight ahead. Your weapons are puny until you power them up, and even then seem decidedly inferior to what you’re fighting against. Your armor is apparently made from paper-mâché, and usually can’t even survive one hit before you blow up and lose all your toys.


Over on the other side of the screen, the boss is chortling gleefully, launching wave after screen-obscuring wave of bullets in beguilingly beautiful patterns, the merest touch of which will destroy your ship. All while absorbing enough damage to sink an aircraft carrier, without even getting his paint scratched.

It hardly seems fair!

It’s not fair, in fact!

Haven’t you ever wished that that could be YOU over there? Calmly making horribly devious patterns of deadly bullets? That you could then admire and fully appreciate, because the actual task of figuring out how to avoid them was someone else’s problem?

If so, then this, ladies and gentlemen, may be the game for you!

Game features:

  • 5 fully playable bosses!
  • Over 50 unique levels and challenges!
  • Three distinct levels of difficulty!
  • Bonuses to unlock and secrets to find!
  • Open-ended survival mode lets you see how long you can last!
  • Play against live, human friends in Versus Mode!

Gameplay Trailer:

Conveniently located on YouTube!

Game Music:

The music in Boss Rush was composed by Justin Mullens, and is quite good!  You can listen to it here, but by all means, go check out his web page, filled with even more good stuff!

Colossal Terend

Reckless Alert

Upward Spin

Lights in the Black


Boss Rush is free to play, but if you want to show your support, you can buy an access code for $5, and get a bonus boss and access to the cheat menu!  Common questions and answers about how this works can be found on our conveniently located payment FAQ!

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