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Hey I made another game

Well, I went and made another game.  It took a bit longer than I expected for a “I bet I can whip this off in a weekend”-project, but I think I’m finally ready to call this thing finished. It’s called “Save the Date“, and in a stark departure from what I usually write (weird deconstructions […]

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Just what is going on

Hullo internet.  Long time no see! In spite of my poor updating habits, I am still, in fact here, am still, in fact, making games, and for once, actually have a small amount of news! News item number one is that yes, I do still exist, and am still making games.  I’m even still working […]

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A Familiar Face!

Work on Elements of Magic continues, and I don’t mind saying, it is starting to feel kind of cool at this point.  While I want to do a real writeup later for one of the new weapons, (similar to the homing attacks, although the final result is a little more interesting.)  Meanwhile though, I figured […]

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What I Did and Why: Homing Shots

Hello internet! Recently got around to [finally] writing the starter gun for Elements of Magic.  The friendly, nice gun that the player starts out with, to introduce them to the game.  It had some design challenges, and since the whole process was kind of interesting, I figure I’ll document it, and see if I can’t […]

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Happy IGF Day!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  IGF has rolled around.  And with it, a new game announcement!  From me! So while I’m sure in the coming days we’ll see an incredible deluge of amazing games by talented people on the IGF site, I figure I’ll take a moment and talk about my own humble […]

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Negative SpaceCraft – Launched at last!

Well, it has been a long and crazy development path, but I am happy to announce that my most recent game, Negative SpaceCraft, has been officially launched! You can play it over at Or if you would prefer to read about it, you can do that too. I have you covered, gentle reader!

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That time of year again

It’s mid-October, and the pumpkins are out.  And, potentially more interesting, the list of IGF entries for the year is out as well.  There are some fantastic things on that list!  And while there is one of them at least, that I have a certain amount of bias towards, I think I will highlight a […]

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Announcing Negative Spacecraft!

Looking at my recent dalliance into games about poetry, you could probably be forgiven if you were worried that I was past my “boss rush” phase, had forsaken SHMUPS and had decided to go play with word games, my new best friend, for ever and ever, from now on. If you thought this however, you […]

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Haiku News (Hai-news?)

So I released Haiku Hero, and then promptly vanished off to Japan to hang out with the cool folks from Nigoro/Asterizm, sing Karoke, and eat delicious chicken katsu.  (I’m not actually cool enough to know them personally, but got a rare chance to tag along when master translator extrodinaire Shih Tzu went a’visiting.  Since him, […]

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Do You Haiku?

It’s been quite a while since I last updated.  Longer still since I posted anything that resembled a game.  But today, gentle reader, is the day I remedy both of these ills with a single stroke!  Even so, it’s probably going to be a while before I’m allowed to make fun of friends who don’t […]

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