A Familiar Face!

Let the sunshine in!

Work on Elements of Magic continues, and I don’t mind saying, it is starting to feel kind of cool at this point.  While I want to do a real writeup later for one of the new weapons, (similar to the homing attacks, although the final result is a little more interesting.)  Meanwhile though, I figured I’d post a few quick screenshots of a new boss I coded up over Thanksgiving.

Winter is Coming!

Long-time fans of my work (that’s right, both of you!) may recognize this fellow from a previous game or two.  I didn’t really set out to put the happy-go-lucky “Cloud 9” in every game I made, but I needed a good mid-boss with a good wind-based theme other than “extreme speed” (since that’s taken by the stage boss) and there he was, all weathery and everything.  So I guess he gets to stay.  And now that he’s been in THREE games, I’m probably stuck with him.  So it goes, I guess.  I think he came out pretty well this iteration though, if I do say so myself!


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