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IGG Marathon going on NOW NOW NOW

The Indie Games for Good marathon is going on right now!  Go watch these fine folks sit in a room and play indie games and yell at each other when they die!  They’re on World of Goo as of this writing, and I can hear them yelling in the background.  I imagine someone’s structure just […]

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Still alive!

Dear internet.  How have you been? I’ve been good!  Terrible about keeping you up to date about my goings on of course, but you’re probably used to that by now.  And other than that, things are going swell! GDC is of course, this week.  I hope to see many cool people there!  (I have already […]

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That time of year again

It’s mid-October, and the pumpkins are out.  And, potentially more interesting, the list of IGF entries for the year is out as well.  There are some fantastic things on that list!  And while there is one of them at least, that I have a certain amount of bias towards, I think I will highlight a […]

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Escapism at its Finest!

There is a very nice piece up on the Escapist today, about the role of bosses in modern games.  It features thoughtful insights from Team Meat‘s own Edmund McMillen!  Also, a bunch of random and self-contradictory statements from yours truly!  But then, on the last page, we totally combine our powers for a thrilling conclusion! […]

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My delicate sensibilities!

Been playing StarCraft 2 beta a bit lately, with the fine folks at Final Form Games.  I had originally been down on it since it didn’t sound like it was going to have a 2 player co-op single player game.  (Unlike Dawn of War, Red Alert 3 etc.)  Being a big fan of co-op, this […]

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It’s Worse to Punch a Virtual Face

It looks like video games are on their way to court again.  In particular, a 2005 law in California prohibiting selling of violent video games to minors.  It has been struck down once already by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, (on grounds that it violated free speech rights) but is on its way to […]

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