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IGG Marathon going on NOW NOW NOW

The Indie Games for Good marathon is going on right now!  Go watch these fine folks sit in a room and play indie games and yell at each other when they die!  They’re on World of Goo as of this writing, and I can hear them yelling in the background.  I imagine someone’s structure just […]

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A Weekend Full O’Jamming

This weekend was TIGJam!  (A game jam organized by TIGSource)  It was a lot of fun! We did a lot of jamming! Here are some highlights: Participating in the “hey let’s make a game in 1 hour” minijam.  (We took 1.5 hours, but it was fun anyway.  We weren’t the only ones who went over.)  […]

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I am Bad at Capitalism

So in theory, when you make games, other people are supposed to pay you to play them.  But here at Paper Dino Software, we don’t play by your rules, society!  So in gross defiance of conventional wisdom (not to mention basic business acumen) I have turned the tables on your precious paradigm and am instead […]

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Still alive!

Dear internet.  How have you been? I’ve been good!  Terrible about keeping you up to date about my goings on of course, but you’re probably used to that by now.  And other than that, things are going swell! GDC is of course, this week.  I hope to see many cool people there!  (I have already […]

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Let me tell you why I love Twilight:Eclipse the 8-bit game

This is a headline that I will freely admit I never thought I would write.  But this is too good to pass up.  It is genius.  For a couple of reasons. Let me list them for you! But first, here is what it is.  It is a youtube video or several.  Also, the best twilight-themed […]

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Escapism at its Finest!

There is a very nice piece up on the Escapist today, about the role of bosses in modern games.  It features thoughtful insights from Team Meat‘s own Edmund McMillen!  Also, a bunch of random and self-contradictory statements from yours truly!  But then, on the last page, we totally combine our powers for a thrilling conclusion! […]

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More Boss Rush Press

We got another review (and nice placement!) on  They seem to like it!  Awesome!  Thanks Revlry! Also, somehow we seem to have made it to the top google search for “Boss Rush”!  Which is surprising, but still pretty cool!

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Boss Rush Press Roundup!

It’s Friday, and Boss Rush has been publicly available for 4 days now.  What does the public think of this?  More than I expected, actually!  We’ve received some very nice coverage from a number of places!  Here are the ones I know about! (With a special thanks to Shih Tzu, (yes, that Shih Tzu) who […]

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Neverending [Cave] Story

I assume that most people are in-the-know about such things, but in case anyone missed it, today is the day on which the WiiWare version of Cave Story has finally been released.  It is looking mighty fine.  Mighty fine indeed. Sadly, for various (amicable) reasons, they weren’t able to keep Shih-Tzu’s excellent translation, but from […]

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GDCeems like only yesterday…

And thus another year’s Game Developer’s Conference has come and gone.  I was going to post some photos, but after digging through my camera roll, it seems that I didn’t take as many as I remembered, and none of them turned out terribly well.  So instead, I’m just going to skip the pictures, and use […]

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