Elements of Magic

Intricate patterns!

Learning magic is never easy!

Join young apprentice Arthur in his quest to become a master wizard!  He’ll have his work cut out for him though, as he travels across over half a dozen levels, mastering challenging lessons, in colorful paper-cut worlds, from a wide cast of characters!

Elements of Magic is the most recent (and most ambitious) SHMUP project from Paper Dino Software, being developed for Windows systems, with a tentative release date planned for winter, 2012.  While at first glance it might appear to be a fairly traditional bullet-hell game, focusing on intricate patterns and precision dodging, and aimed at hardcore SHMUP fans, there is a second side to the game, that I am extremely proud of.

It is also intended as a gateway game.  It has a number of features designed to make it friendly and approachable to people new to the genre, either playing on their own, or co-op with their friends.

Precision dodging!

Game features:

  • Intense gameplay!
  • Dozens of  mesmerizing bosses!
  • Unique and colorful cut-paper artwork!
  • Multiple difficulty levels, accommodating a wide range of player skill.
  • Up to four player simultaneous co-op play!
  • Level/Co-Op structure specifically designed to be friendly to non-SHMUP-fans!  Hardcore SHMUPpers and neophytes can play together and have a good time!
  • Awesome music by Flashygoodness!
  • Secrets!  Unlockables!  Surprises!
  • Crass Materialism!

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