Negative Spacecraft

This is how it begins

This is how it all begins

All of your best ideas have gotten lose!  You only have one idea left!  But it’s for a really unique sort of spacecraft…

So begins Negative Spacecraft, a game about collecting ideas and dodging … well, all sorts of things, really.  Sometimes even the empty spaces!

Negative Spacecraft is a hard game to describe.  It is a SHMUP, in its very deep down roots, but it plays very differently.  The closest description is probably a crossover between Ikaruga, Shoot the Bullet, and that crazy touhou “Bad Apple!!” video.

You play a spacecraft tasked with reabsorbing rogue ideas.  But you have one very unique ability to aid you on this:  You can reverse yourself, so that everything that used to be solid is now empty space to you, and perfectly safe!  Be careful though, because now things that used to be empty are suddenly perilous zones of danger which will blow you up if you touch them!

What is a negative spacecraft to do?

What is a negative spacecraft to do?

You’ll need it though, because these ideas are no slouches!  Be prepared for a new kind of danmaku action as you weave, dodge, and occasionally reverse your way through over 35 crazy levels.

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