Payment FAQ

Do you have questions about what happens when you support the game?  Here are some answers!  If you still don’t see anything here that answers your question, please feel free to email them to!

Q: What’s all this about then?

A: The short version is, if you like the game enough to spend $5 on it, you get an exclusive bonus boss, complete with challenges.

Q: How do payments work?  How do you get my money, and how do I get my stuff?

A: Payments are processed entirely via PayPal.  Once the payment clears, an email is sent to the address you gave PayPal, containing an activation code.  You can enter the code in-game (click “Enter Activation Code” from the “Support this Game” screen) and voila! You get stuff!

Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account do to this?  I don’t really want a paypal account…

A: Absolutely not!  PayPal handles the actual payment processing, but doesn’t require any kind of sign up.  You can just go straight in and with a credit card, e-check, or whatever other electronic payment you want.

Q: Do I have to re-enter the code every time I want to play the game?  Because that would be lame.

A: That would be lame.  So no, you don’t have to.  Once the code has been entered, the game will remember, and not ask for it again.

Q: Can a code be used more than once?  What if I want to play at work and at home both, or what if something clears out the game’s local data?

A: Activation codes don’t have any limits, and can be used as many times as needed.

Q: Do I have to be connected to the internet to play with my cool unlocks?

A: Nope!  You do need the internet to enter the code, but after that, you’re home free!

Q: I forgot/lost my code, what can I do?

A: There is a conveniently located “Resend code” button on the same screen where it prompts you to enter a code.  Giving it an email address will cause a copy of the code to be resent to your email account.  (It sends it to the same email as your PayPal receipt.)

Q: I clicked “I want more stuff” but nothing happens!  No new windows show up or anything!

A: Popup blockers sometimes stop the game from opening up new tabs.  You can either edit your settings to allow Boss Rush to open a new tab, or just click this link directly:  Support Boss Rush Via PayPal.

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