code-icon-128Bah! Am all poised to start releasing and sending emails and trying to make this thing go, when BAM, tool problems. In this case, with SecureSWF. Which worked fine about a month ago, but since updating to their most recent version, seems to be hanging when I try to use it on things.

And of course, because trouble never shows up alone, I’m wasted a couple of days before realizing that somehow their web support form wasn’t working, and I wasn’t actually in their support system yet. (Finally called them on the phone this morning, and the person was very nice, and it sounds like I have a support ticket now. I’ve heard good things about their customer support in general, so hopefully now that I’ve got their attention things will get resolved.)

Current issue aside, I’ve been fairly happy with the product so far. I confess, the personal/lite version is fairly limited though. If we can get this current problem sorted out, I am seriously considering upgrading to the standard or professional version, since I’m missing some of the finer control options that were present in the demo.

Anyway, delays, delays. Nothing to do for it now though, except wait while their programmers try to reproduce my problem.

Update: Big thank you to KindiSoft’s customer service!  They were extremely helpful, and have resolved the issue!  I’m back in business!

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