Announcing Negative Spacecraft!

New crazy shmups inbound!

Looking at my recent dalliance into games about poetry, you could probably be forgiven if you were worried that I was past my “boss rush” phase, had forsaken SHMUPS and had decided to go play with word games, my new best friend, for ever and ever, from now on.

If you thought this however, you were in err!

I also still make crazy SHMUPS as well!

Behold! A new game:  Negative Spacecraft!

What?  You don’t believe me?  Well… maybe some details will convince you…  after the break!

Did I mention that there are still lots of bullets?

So yes.  It appears I have gone and made another shmup.  It’s even a bit closer to a normal SHMUP than boss rush was.  You actually get to control the ship this time!  (I won’t lie – at least one driving impulse here was that I wanted to use some of the patterns I thought of during Boss Rush, but couldn’t figure out how to balance if they were human controlled..)

But because I can’t do anything simply, the game is still pretty different from a standard shmup.  For example, in most shmups you fire your gun more than once every 5-10 seconds.  And in most shmups you want to AVOID bullets.  And heck, while we’re at it, most shmups aren’t a string of 35+ unique boss fights one after another, either.

This SHMUP is, however!  It also features a unique art style, some extremely frantic battles, and a selection of fantastic music by Kristin Miltner.  And you can play it even!  Right now soon.  It is having some last minute polish done on it, and I’m playing the flash sponsorship game right now, but expect it soon!

Meanwhile, perhaps this video might sooth the crushing disappointment you might feel at not getting to play it instantly!

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