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Escapism at its Finest!

There is a very nice piece up on the Escapist today, about the role of bosses in modern games.  It features thoughtful insights from Team Meat‘s own Edmund McMillen!  Also, a bunch of random and self-contradictory statements from yours truly!  But then, on the last page, we totally combine our powers for a thrilling conclusion! […]

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Fame Through Osmosis

Neat!  According to this website ( [google translation]  Boss Rush is the 9th most thrilling action game on the internet!  Canabalt is predictably #1, but it’s kind of cool to be mentioned in the same article!

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Boss Rush Press Roundup!

It’s Friday, and Boss Rush has been publicly available for 4 days now.  What does the public think of this?  More than I expected, actually!  We’ve received some very nice coverage from a number of places!  Here are the ones I know about! (With a special thanks to Shih Tzu, (yes, that Shih Tzu) who […]

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