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A Familiar Face!

Work on Elements of Magic continues, and I don’t mind saying, it is starting to feel kind of cool at this point.  While I want to do a real writeup later for one of the new weapons, (similar to the homing attacks, although the final result is a little more interesting.)  Meanwhile though, I figured […]

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What I Did and Why: Homing Shots

Hello internet! Recently got around to [finally] writing the starter gun for Elements of Magic.  The friendly, nice gun that the player starts out with, to introduce them to the game.  It had some design challenges, and since the whole process was kind of interesting, I figure I’ll document it, and see if I can’t […]

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Happy IGF Day!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  IGF has rolled around.  And with it, a new game announcement!  From me! So while I’m sure in the coming days we’ll see an incredible deluge of amazing games by talented people on the IGF site, I figure I’ll take a moment and talk about my own humble […]

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Haiku time!

For various reasons that are right and good, today’s update will be delivered in the form of several haiku. I have been busy! A new game is in the works. Soon it will be done! It’s not at all like my last humble offering. It is not a SHMUP. I am quite happy with how […]

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Boss Rush is Go!

So it’s been a long, funny sort of road, but after a lot of delays, (some completely unrelated to game programming, and a few, unrelated to Boss Rush at all) but it finally happened. Remember Boss Rush?  The game about being a boss, that seemed like it wasn’t ever going to actually come out?  Well […]

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Justin, on Music

[Justin Mullens, the man behind the fine, fine music in Boss Rush, has graciously offered write down some of the thoughts he had while he was composing.  For anyone interested in how the music came to be, it’s a fun read, and offers a fascinating glimpse into what his creative process looks like.  He clearly […]

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Still here!

Busy weeks! Not a whole lot to say here, but progress on Boss Rush continues well.  At this point, the game is basically nailed down and probably a good 90% complete.  Most of the work at this point is down to playtesting and polish, and occasionally adding a new level or two if I think […]

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Funny how things work out

So my original plan was “I’ll start a dev log over at the TIGSource Forums , and link back to this page, for even more detailed information!” I really did intend to do that. TIGSource was going to be for big updates and news, and I’d have all the nitty gritty here on this site. […]

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Sounding Awesome

Even though I received my audio delivery two several weeks ago, I’m only just now finally getting around to integrating it into the game. Why did I wait so long! It sounds great! Wonderful music and sound effects provided by Justin Mullens! For example!  Behold!  MenuMusic! There is a magic part of development, where it […]

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Finished up Versus Mode, today.  Finally. I had convinced myself it was done before.  But really, all it was was just the regular game except with a custom AI for the ship that listened to keystrokes instead of performing its own evaluations.  This had the downside that the games always played out the same way […]

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