Hello!  I’m Chris!  And I make weird games, and put them on this web page.  Sometimes, when I see other things that I really think are cool (also usually games) I put them on this website as well.

Normally this is where I indulge in my obsessive compulsion to make and talk about shmups, but sometimes I write weird games about words as well.  I don’t get to make new games all THAT regularly, but I plod through them about as fast as I can, given that most of them are entirely written by me, and generally suffer from at least some form of scope creep.

I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I did making them!


Paper Dino Software is Fair-Use-Friendly!

Anyone is explicitly permitted to use screenshots, audio and video recordings of any of my games for the purpose of criticism, review or commentary (for example, YouTube “Let’s Play” videos) under your rights to “fair use” in the US and “fair dealing” in common law jurisdictions such as the UK. This requires attribution/credit of the source work.

Additionally, you are explicitly permitted to use these recordings commercially (advert-supported YouTube videos for example).

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