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A good start to the year

So.  Um.  Happy new year everyone!  Things turned kind of busy for me around the end of last year, so updates have been a bit sparse and I haven’t posted much since IndieCade.  (Which was awesome, btw.)  So where are things now, and what’s up next for Paper Dino Software? Well…  The most interesting news is […]

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Lights! Camera!

Save the Date now has a trailer video! As anyone who has played it might guess, it was not an easy game to make a trailer for.  Since I couldn’t really show much of the story (because, spoilers) or gameplay (because, lot of text = boring), I instead went with the tried and true method […]

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Hmm.  Looks like IndieCade has announced their list of nominees for 2013.  Let’s see…  We’ve got Gone Home… no surprise there…  Kentucky Route Zero… That Dragon Cancer…  Yup, most of the awesome games I’ve heard about this year seem to be represented… and HOLY CRAP SAVE THE DATE IS ON THE LIST I’M GOING TO […]

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Back in action!

And… I think we’re back. Downloads for Save the Date should be working once again, and I set up what I hope is a cache system to make my web host generally hate me less, and the main downloads should now go through a CDN, also to make my web host hate me less..  (Yay!  I’m […]

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My precious webpage!

Wow.  That was unexpected.  My webpage broke, apparently because too many people are trying to download my game at once.  That’s…  kind of impressive, actually.  I was not expecting my random, free, experimental game to be averaging 20k-40k hits per hour. (!!) I’ve temporarily disabled the download, while I try to get the actual game […]

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So, this one time, at Band Camp…

Hey internet! Did you play Save the Date yet?  Did you enjoy grooving to its rich melodies and sick beats?  Did you then whisper to yourself “My word, this music is amazing, I must possess it at any cost?” If you answered yes, yes, and yes to this highly contrived string of events, then you […]

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A Weekend Full O’Jamming

This weekend was TIGJam!  (A game jam organized by TIGSource)  It was a lot of fun! We did a lot of jamming! Here are some highlights: Participating in the “hey let’s make a game in 1 hour” minijam.  (We took 1.5 hours, but it was fun anyway.  We weren’t the only ones who went over.)  […]

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Happy IGF Day!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  IGF has rolled around.  And with it, a new game announcement!  From me! So while I’m sure in the coming days we’ll see an incredible deluge of amazing games by talented people on the IGF site, I figure I’ll take a moment and talk about my own humble […]

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A brand new year

It’s a whole new year!  Back again from Christams vacations and family visits and the like!  Back to some fun news, in fact! First off, I was incredibly gratified to see this article.  While Hydorah was a shoe in for #1, I was incredibly gratified to see Boss Rush even made the list, let alone […]

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Transfer Complete!

If you’re reading this, then that means the server change has worked, and I have successfully migrated the website to a new hosting provider.  Huzzah!

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