Lights! Camera!

Save the Date now has a trailer video! As anyone who has played it might guess, it was not an easy game to make a trailer for.  Since I couldn’t really show much of the story (because, spoilers) or gameplay (because, lot of text = boring), I instead went with the tried and true method of “saying nothing at all, very slowly, while distracting the viewer with impressive sounding testimonials.”

It’s not my solution!  It’s history’s solution!

Have a look!

A huge set of thanks go out to Justin Mullins and the Brothers Ambrogi. Basically, I showed Tim a trailer I had put together, and he said “not a bad first attempt.  Needs work.  Give me all your assets, and I will do AfterEffects to it.”  And then he and his brother did exactly that, with Justin making a surprise guest appearance to provide a much better gunshot noise.  It looks (and sounds!) so much better now!

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