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Fame Through Osmosis

Neat!  According to this website ( [google translation]  Boss Rush is the 9th most thrilling action game on the internet!  Canabalt is predictably #1, but it’s kind of cool to be mentioned in the same article!

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More Boss Rush Press

We got another review (and nice placement!) on  They seem to like it!  Awesome!  Thanks Revlry! Also, somehow we seem to have made it to the top google search for “Boss Rush”!  Which is surprising, but still pretty cool!

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Boss Rush Press Roundup!

It’s Friday, and Boss Rush has been publicly available for 4 days now.  What does the public think of this?  More than I expected, actually!  We’ve received some very nice coverage from a number of places!  Here are the ones I know about! (With a special thanks to Shih Tzu, (yes, that Shih Tzu) who […]

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Boss Rush is Go!

So it’s been a long, funny sort of road, but after a lot of delays, (some completely unrelated to game programming, and a few, unrelated to Boss Rush at all) but it finally happened. Remember Boss Rush?  The game about being a boss, that seemed like it wasn’t ever going to actually come out?  Well […]

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Yet more press!

Getting some nice mentions! First off, the fine folks at Level Forty-Two got to see a prerelease copy, and have a review up.  They seem to like it!  Yay! Also, getting some mentions in blogs! A writeup at Teal City Industries. Another at Albotas! Very cool!

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Game Set Watch this space…

Nice!  Got a very nice mention on Game Set Watch!  It’s dated last Tuesday, so apparently I completely missed it in the thanksgiving buildup.  Nice!  They were even nice enough to link to my trailer! Update: has also given me some ink.  Double-nice!

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Justin, on Music

[Justin Mullens, the man behind the fine, fine music in Boss Rush, has graciously offered write down some of the thoughts he had while he was composing.  For anyone interested in how the music came to be, it’s a fun read, and offers a fascinating glimpse into what his creative process looks like.  He clearly […]

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Music for Bossing to!

Justin Mullens, Sound Designer and Composer Extraordinaire, is the brain behind the excellent music in Boss Rush.  He has thoughtfully sent over some of the music, in long-format MP3 files designed for listening.  (As opposed to, say, looping in-game.) What’s neat about this is that the actual game only contained TWO pieces of music.  The […]

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Still here!

Busy weeks! Not a whole lot to say here, but progress on Boss Rush continues well.  At this point, the game is basically nailed down and probably a good 90% complete.  Most of the work at this point is down to playtesting and polish, and occasionally adding a new level or two if I think […]

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Funny how things work out

So my original plan was “I’ll start a dev log over at the TIGSource Forums , and link back to this page, for even more detailed information!” I really did intend to do that. TIGSource was going to be for big updates and news, and I’d have all the nitty gritty here on this site. […]

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