Funny how things work out

tigsourceSo my original plan was “I’ll start a dev log over at the TIGSource Forums , and link back to this page, for even more detailed information!” I really did intend to do that. TIGSource was going to be for big updates and news, and I’d have all the nitty gritty here on this site. But TIGSource had one thing I hadn’t counted on…

An audience.

Since people already read TIGSource’s dev logs, I had people reading and commenting pretty much from the get-go.  And of course, I answered back, because it’s fun to participate in a conversation, when people want to have that conversation about something you’re working hard on.  Especially when they’re nice and say nice things like “that thing you are working on looks like it might be fun!”

The exciting sorts of content you're missing out on!

The kind of high quality content you've been missing!

Also, the informal nature of the dev log helped a lot.  I mean, it was just a forum!  Not some stuffy website where maintain the fiction that I am to be taken seriously!  I posted things to the TIGSource Dev log that I wouldn’t bother posting here.  Random crap, like what’s on my whiteboard, or what Unicorn Mode looks like.

Which of course is a far more accurate depiction of what the game’s development actually looks like than anything I’ve put on here.  So far, I’ve mostly just posted screenshots and media.  The results of the creative process.  But on that dev log, I’ve actually posted a lot of the process itself.

So.  What to do now.  The TIGSource Dev Log has far more information than my official page.  Anyone reading this page would actually get less information.  I could try to start migrating it over.  Or promise to myself that I’d be better about posting random crap on this webpage.

Or I could just be lazy and throw out a link, add a link to the official page, and say “Go there for up-to-the minute info on the state of the project!”

Boss Rush’s Dev Log Page on TIGSource!

Laziness wins!

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