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BossRushIcon1Busy weeks!

Not a whole lot to say here, but progress on Boss Rush continues well.  At this point, the game is basically nailed down and probably a good 90% complete.  Most of the work at this point is down to playtesting and polish, and occasionally adding a new level or two if I think of one that seems like it would be fast, easy, and safe to add.

In addition to the occasional friend or family member that I can rope into playing my game, I have enlisted the aid of some forumgoers over at TIGSource.  I have to say.  They have been wonderful fonts of information, suggestions and excellent feedback.  (Frankly wishing I had gotten around to adding more playtesters quite a bit earlier.  One more data point for the postmortem I guess…)

It’s getting close though!  I finally realized just how close when I watched a friend play on Sunday.  I think he spent a good hour playing through levels, and still didn’t get through all of them.  (And he didn’t even touch multiple difficulty levels.)  It was an interesting perspective moment, where I realized just how much I had completed, and started to feel, really feel, like “huh, it’s starting to feel like a full game now.”

It was a good feeling!   I’m feeling kind of proud of my game at this point.  Now to just finish it!

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