A brand new year

It’s a whole new year!  Back again from Christams vacations and family visits and the like!  Back to some fun news, in fact!

First off, I was incredibly gratified to see this article.  While Hydorah was a shoe in for #1, I was incredibly gratified to see Boss Rush even made the list, let alone snagged a respectable placement on it!  (Also gratifying was that, based on the comments, some new people played it who hadn’t seen it yet.  And liked it!)

Second of all:  Final Form Games has snagged an honorable mention for audio in this year’s IGF!   Congrats fellows!  That is no small feat!

Finally:  Negative SpaceCraft!  Nearly released.  Once again, it has been done for a month or two, but I have been bogged down in sponsor-getting.  How do I keep doing this?  I need to not try to release games right before I go on vacation for the holidays, I think.  But it will be public soon.  Soon, I tell you!  Soon!

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