Haiku News (Hai-news?)

So I released Haiku Hero, and then promptly vanished off to Japan to hang out with the cool folks from Nigoro/Asterizm, sing Karoke, and eat delicious chicken katsu.  (I’m not actually cool enough to know them personally, but got a rare chance to tag along when master translator extrodinaire Shih Tzu went a’visiting.  Since him, apparently, I am cool enough to know personally.)

It was a good two weeks!  But now I’m back, and digging out from under all the things I put off in the meantime.  Not the least of which is press coverage! Yes, humble haiku hero has managed to get at least a bit of decent press, thanks to its unusual premise and peoples’ innate love of writing silly things while under constraints.

So!  What are people saying?  Click on to find out!

  • Rock Paper Shotgun’s inestimable Kieron Gillen found time to write up this nice piece, before riding off into the sunset, and out of RPS.  Farewell, Kieron, you will be missed!
  • Got a nice mention over at TIGSource, as well.  Yay!
  • The IndieGames blog also covered it!
  • Gamers With Jobs wrote up this marvelous writeup, in celebration of National Punctuation Day.  Thanks guys!
  • PlanetDamage gave me a mention as well! Nice!

Also, the High Coup journal was nice enough to give me a brief interview about the game, seeing how it directly relates to their particular subject matter.

So yeah!  Nice stuff all around!  And as a bonus, most of the comment threads spawned had comments entirely in haikus themselves.  Fun times!

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