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Sounding Awesome

Even though I received my audio delivery two several weeks ago, I’m only just now finally getting around to integrating it into the game. Why did I wait so long! It sounds great! Wonderful music and sound effects provided by Justin Mullens! For example!  Behold!  MenuMusic! There is a magic part of development, where it […]

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Finished up Versus Mode, today.  Finally. I had convinced myself it was done before.  But really, all it was was just the regular game except with a custom AI for the ship that listened to keystrokes instead of performing its own evaluations.  This had the downside that the games always played out the same way […]

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Playtests: Encountering Difficulties

So as a designer, I have a problem.  In a game where a large part of your score is “how long you survived”, I need some assurance that the game-time is finite.  That eventually, no matter how good a fight they put up, the player will lose eventually, and the game will come to an […]

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Pretty Pictures!

Progress continues well on the first game!  Two bosses are locked down and finished, one more is about an hour or two away from being the same, and the last (well, probably last) one is completely rigged and just needs a few more patterns to be complete. “All of this is fine and good”, you […]

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