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Everything is better with tacos.

Everything IS better with tacos.

Hullo internet.  Long time no see!

In spite of my poor updating habits, I am still, in fact here, am still, in fact, making games, and for once, actually have a small amount of news!

News item number one is that yes, I do still exist, and am still making games.  I’m even still working on Elements of Magic!  Progress has been slower than I’d like, but I’ve got most of the earth level wrapped up aside from a little bit of extra sprite-work I need to do on the boss.

News item number two is that I have another game!  It’s a quick side project that seemed like a neat idea that I could whip off in a weekend, and like all neat ideas that seem like you could whip them off in a weekend, it ACTUALLY took closer to month and a half or so, give or take.  It’s pretty much done now, (just finishing up the assets) and I’m super-excited about it.  It’s called “Save the Date”, and it will probably be ready to show the world within the next couple of weeks.  It is a game about having dinner.

And that’s about it!  Look for a new game soon!

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