Games, Finally Formed!

Marvelous!  The fine folks over at Final Form Games have gone and got their website up and running!  It looks awesome!  I expect marvelous things from these people!  They are fine game designers, programmers and artists to a man, and their creations can only bring wonder and delight.  The fact that they are out actively making independent games can only be a force for good in the world, their creepy mascot notwithstanding.  If I were an [alien/mythological/high-tech/robotic] monster sent from [the past/the future/outer space/dimension X/mankind’s own hubris] to [blow up the earth/cleanse the planet of darkness/turn upon my creators/destroy all humans], I would totally spare these people for [inclusion in my space zoo/proof of humankind’s potential for awesome/their ability to teach me more about this strange thing you humans call… love?]!

Head on over and check it out!  I was going to suggest you also use their in-office webcam as a one-stop shop for voyeuristic thrills, but they appear to have taken down the link…  So instead, if you’re still looking for things on their page to click, may I suggest you direct your mouse to that creepy mascot of theirs?  I have a feeling there’s more to her than first appearances would suggest…

Edit:  Their webcam link is working now!  Voyeur away!

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